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Where is Your Pain?

Are you experiencing discomfort in your hips, knees or feet? These common conditions can significantly impact your daily life, but with the right podiatry treatment, relief is within reach. At our podiatry clinic, our experienced podiatrists are dedicated to diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions to help you get back on your feet.

Conditions like hip bursitis, ITB syndrome or Achilles tendonitis can make life difficult, but there’s hope. Our podiatry clinic specialises in cutting-edge treatments tailored to address the root cause of your discomfort. With customised care plans from your expert podiatrist, we’re committed to providing you with lasting relief and preventing future issues. Let us help you get back to your best, pain-free self with the highest standard of care.

You have pain and want it eliminated fast. Simply call us today and book your consultation so we can help you ASAP. If you’d like to learn more about possible causes of your pain before you call, please click the yellow highlights on the body below to discover more about common issues we can treat.

Podiatry First Treatments

Our clinic offers a variety of specialised services aimed at addressing both athletic and common foot-related issues. With a focus on delivering comprehensive care, we utilise a blend of traditional and advanced techniques. Here’s how consulting a podiatrist can help you:

Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment from our podiatry clinic examines how your body moves, focusing on your feet, ankles, knees and legs to ensure everything is aligned correctly. It includes a visual gait analysis, often with slow-motion video, to see how you walk or run.

The assessment also checks for joint flexibility, including any unusually flexible joints, and tests the strength of your foot and leg muscles to find any imbalances or weaknesses. Based on this analysis, a podiatrist will provide personalised recommendations and treatments, such as custom shoe inserts, to improve comfort and prevent future problems.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a cutting-edge treatment we offer for pain relief and to promote healing. It’s particularly effective for chronic conditions, such as heel pain or tendon issues, providing a non-invasive solution that encourages your body’s natural healing processes.

SWIFT Wart Removal

Dealing with foot warts can be frustrating and uncomfortable. SWIFT therapy is a groundbreaking treatment for warts, verrucae or papillomas, using advanced microwave technology. This method offers quick improvements in a clean and safe procedure, eliminating the need for dressings and downtime. It’s also versatile enough to treat both single and multiple warts at once.

Sports Podiatry

For athletes and active individuals, our sports podiatry services are designed to optimise performance and minimise the risk of sports-related foot and ankle injuries. We provide tailored advice, injury prevention strategies and treatment plans to keep you at the top of your game.

General Treatment

Our general treatment services cover a broad range of foot conditions, from routine nail care to handling difficult corns and calluses.

Cold Laser Fungal Treatment

Fungal nail infections can be stubborn. Our cold laser fungal podiatry treatment offers a safe and effective way to tackle these infections, promoting clearer, healthier nails without the need for harsh chemicals or medications.

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are not only painful but can also lead to serious infections if left untreated. Our podiatry clinic provides gentle, effective treatments to resolve ingrown toenails, relieving pain and preventing recurrence.

Biomechanical Assessment
Biomechanical Assessment
Shockwave Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
Swift Wart Removal
Swift Wart Removal
Sports Podiatry
Sports Podiatry
General Treatment
General Treatment
Cold Laser Fungal Treatment
Cold Laser Fungal Treatment
Ingrown Toenail
Ingrown Toenail

Podiatrist Sydney – NDIS Registered Provider

Podiatrist Sydney CBD

At Podiatry First we are focused on treating every patient as an individual with unique needs . We care about you and what you are missing out on because of  your pain. Whether your pain is stopping you from working, playing with your kids, exercising for fitness or training for a competition, our aim is to get you back to your activities as quickly as possible and achieve your goals.

Our focus in your treatment is to find the exact causes of your issue, treating not only the symptoms but the  sometimes complex causative factors to holistically address your issue.

This means we can eliminate your pain quickly and prevent it from coming back.

Best Podiatrists in Sydney

Our expert musculo-skeletal Sports Podiatrists focus on client education and achieve results utilizing evidence based based treatments. Our aim for our clients is for them to remain active, healthy and prevent complications like future pain, injury joint degeneration and surgery.

We have locations in Sydney CBD, Bond Junction and Miranda working alongside the best Sports Doctors, Physios and other allied health professionals.

Rest assured you will only get the best advice and treatment to get you back to your best in the shortest time.

Many of our clients tell us that they have had no luck in resolving their issues for a long time and are often frustrated and come to us as their final chance at resoling their issue or pain.

Thankfully we have been able to help them in achieving results before they had given up.

It doesnt have to be that way though, as treating issues early with the correct and best treatment methods leads to faster and better results whilst avoiding serious complications like surgery or deformity.

Our clinic utilizes the latest advances in technology and the absolute latest and best treatment protocols to achieve the fastest and most effective treatment of your issue.

Our philosophy at PodiatrFirst is to diagnose the issue correctly by performing a very thorough and detailed examination to identify the causes and then comprehensively treat all contributing aspects.

This way we can treat the cause of the problem not only the symptoms.

The aim at our clinic is to get to you back to normal and prevent the issue returning if possible.

Because of our commitment to excellence and reputation for achieving results we are highly trusted and our skills sought after.

We are trusted to treat the family and clients of leading Surgeons, specialists, and other like minded allied health professionals from all over Australia and globally.

We know that we can help you resolve your issues quickly and efficiently, joining the ever growing tribe of happy clients we have helped become pain free and achieving their goals and improving their quality of life.

You have only one body and you deserve the best in Podiatry Care, thats why our clients choose Podiatry First as their trusted Sports Podiatrists.

Come meet our team of expert sports podiatrists who will get the best results for you, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Podiatrist?

    If you arrived at this page after searching for ‘podiatrist near me’, you probably already know the answer to this question! However, if you arrived here by other means, a podiatrist is a healthcare professional who specialises in conditions affecting the foot and lower leg.

  • Do I Need a Referral to See a Podiatrist?

    If you want to see a podiatrist in Sydney, you can visit our Sydney CBD, Bond Junction or Miranda clinics directly, without a referral from your doctor. If you are referred to us from your doctor, please bring your referral letter when you come.

  • What Conditions Can Podiatrists Treat?

    Podiatrists treat a wide range of conditions, including plantar warts, fungal nail infection, bunions, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, injuries and chronic foot pain. Every member of our team is also an experienced sports podiatrist, with an in-depth knowledge of sporting injuries affecting the foot and ankle.

  • Is a Podiatrist a Doctor?

    Podiatrists are classed as doctors although they hold different qualifications to general practitioners. Any podiatrist in Australia that you see should be on the register of practitioners maintained by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. If they are not, you should look for another podiatrist.

  • Do Podiatric Treatments Hurt?

    Routine podiatric procedures for calluses and fungal nail treatment should not hurt but ingrown toenails can be rather sensitive. However, your podiatrist will do everything possible to minimise any pain and a local anaesthetic will be offered when required. If you are worried about a particular procedure, please call to discuss it first.

  • Will My Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Treatment?

    Podiatry is considered an ancillary health service and is covered by some private health insurance policies but not all of them. We recommend checking your policy and contacting your insurer before visiting a podiatrist if you are not sure.

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