Back to School – Back to Sports!

For some children, the ending of the holiday season and the return to school means one thing – their return to organised sport. Getting a child ready to return to sport and often a more active lifestyle can be a challenge. However, preparation is key to avoiding injury.

Approximately 3–11% of school children are injured per year while participating in sport. These injuries affect both growing bone and soft tissues, and can result in damage of growth mechanisms with subsequent lifelong, growth disturbance. Preparation can be as simple as checking their sports shoes for wear, slowly increasing their physical activity or implementing stretches into their daily routine. The last two of which can be made into fun activities enjoyed by more than just the children!

If your child is complaining of pain anywhere in the legs, has become increasingly clumsy or has stopped participating in physical activities they used to enjoy, this may be a sign that something isn’t quite right. A child should never be in pain. If they are, or you would like to ensure your child’s safety by having an assessment, please contact us at Podiatry First by clicking here and together we can ensure they have a safe and happy return to sports, injury free.

Daniel Graham

Sports Podiatrist at Podiatry First

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