Dr. Durand Faavesi (Podiatry)

Dr Durand (Podiatry) is a Western Sydney University trained podiatrist, having completed a Bachelor of Health Science/Masters in Podiatric Medicine.

His expertise includes identifying biomechanical deficiencies and implementing patient centred treatment plans to assist with treatment and prevention. He also has a fond interest in diabetes management and educating patients on the effects it can have on the foot.

Dr Durand (Podiatry) is a strong believer in having a holistic approach towards the management of patient’s health. He is continuously encouraging patients to remain active and goes out of his way to offer advice that can improve their activities.He enjoys all things Rugby and basketball.

Having had numerous lower limb injuries regarding his sporting career, he quickly sparked an interest in podiatry. He has a devoted passion towards assisting others going through similar debilitating injuries.