Dr. Nader El Sayed (Podiatry)

Dr. Nader (Podiatry) graduated from the University of Western Sydney having completed a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. Nader found an interest in specialising in Biomechanics. He is well trained in analysing musculoskeletal biomechanical deficits. His expertise includes employing a structured patient centred care plan that treats the cause and not solely the symptom to provide pain relief and patient centred satisfaction.

Dr. Nader is also specialised in dealing with dermatological conditions alongside nail conditions such as ingrown toenails and fungal infections. He has also had experience at Newcastle John Hunter Hospital dealing with high risk conditions that required rehabilitation in active phases of ulcerations, degenerative lower limb conditions and post amputee patients. Dr. Nader (Podiatry) is an advocate of developing a patient centred management plan to speed up the process of recovery whilst being able to enjoy everyday life.