Painful Knee?

Painful knee, why me?

The knee is a common area of pain and can commonly be put down to mal-alignment. The motion the knee is heavily influenced by the both the biomechnical function of the foot and the hip. Issues arising in either of these areas can have a dramatic effect on the function of the knee. That can lead to mal-alignment and significantly increase the risk of injury.

When people attend a podiatry clinic reporting knee pain, it is important they undergo a biomechanical assessment and have the podiatrist assess their walking pattern to investigate as to where the issue is stemming from. This way a specific treatment plan can be created to not only relieve the pain but just as important, reduce the risk of future issues.

At Podiatry First, our podiatrists are trained to investigate and uncover the causative factor behind your knee pain. We work holistically, incorporating the most appropriate health professionals to treat the underlying cause of the pain as well as offering instant relief when we can.

Effective treatment can include a number of treatment modalities including:

  • improving structural alignment using functional foot orthoses
  • rehabilitation
  • core stability programs
  • shockwave therapy and
  • referring for surgery if and when required

Podiatry First is now able to offer shock wave therapy for certain types of knee pain. Please see the shockwave therapy post by CLICKING HERE for more information on this non-invasive therapy.

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