Foot callus treatment in Sydney

Our feet are under stress all day — from walking to running and squashing into tight-fitting shoes, foot issues can arise easily.

It’s little wonder that with so much daily strain, our feet can start to suffer from conditions such as:

  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Elongated toenails
  • Fungal nail infection

These conditions often end up being painful and recurring, making daily tasks more difficult than they need to be. But did you know that corns, calluses and nail issues can be quickly and painlessly treated? You can banish these problems with a simple consultation and treatment session. If you’ve been concerned about a toenail problem or foot callus, there’s no need to suffer in silence.

So, what exactly are these problems, what causes them, and how do they manifest? Let’s break it down now.

What are calluses and toenail problems?

Essentially, calluses and corns are caused by friction and pressure. They can form on various body parts such as hands and knees and especially on our feet. Corns and calluses may look similar, but they’re actually distinct from each other. Corns are strictly a skin condition, often forming on the outer side of the pinky toe and resulting in an area of hardened skin; they may or may not be painful.

Calluses might seem like a skin condition, but they are simply the hardening of the skin caused by friction from shoes rubbing against a bone spur — a prominent area of bone that protrudes and causes friction in footwear. Calluses can contain painful nerves and bursal sacs — deposits of fluid that absorb shock as you walk. They can cause sharp shooting pains or even dull aches as you walk.

Toenail problems can be fungal, ingrown or impact-induced. They might be unsightly and cause you to feel less confident when wearing open-toe shoes, or they may be painful and cause discomfort.

What causes calluses and toenail problems?

On your heels and toes, rubbing from shoes, the impact of walking and running on hard surfaces can cause calluses to form. We all have unique footprints and some areas of bone that are more prominent than others, and depending on the types of shoes you most often wear and the individual elements of your gait, calluses can be created on different areas of your foot that bear the brunt of your body weight.

Toenail problems can often be caused by trauma — rubbing the toes through shoes that are too tight, repetitive strain while walking or running, or stubbing your toe or dropping a heavy object on it. When part of your nail becomes loose from trauma, bacterial or fungal infections can follow if not treated.

Various factors can cause ingrown nails; not frequently trimming nails or trimming the nails too short, a genetic history of ingrown toenails, abnormal toe shape and poorly fitting shoes.

Possible complications

If left untreated, calluses can cause nerve damage in your feet and become a recurring and painful problem that makes exercising and even walking without discomfort difficult. Because calluses are symptomatic of irregular bone spurs, ignoring them may also result in not getting the appropriate treatment for a larger postural problem that needs to be corrected with orthotics or other treatment.

Not only are toenail problems painful and less than aesthetically pleasing, but if left untreated, they can cause severe pain and spread bacterial infection. Treatments for toenail problems are usually straightforward, so it’s not difficult to deal with them before further complications.

Treatments for calluses

Calluses can be treated by peeling away excess skin using chemical peels and soaking the feet to soften callused areas. With in-clinic treatment, you can remove this excess skin without the risk of burns. Pumice stones and sanding can also file down thickened skin to leave your feet rejuvenated and smooth.

Many treatments for toenail problems include cutting, filing, antibacterial treatments, and soaks to soften the nail protein and reshape them. Again, an experienced clinician can deal with these issues painlessly and effectively.

Can calluses and toenail problems be avoided?

With modern equipment and professionally sterilised instruments, safe and effective nail and foot callus treatment in Sydney is the best way to deal with your calluses and toenail issues and prevent them from reoccurring. Maintaining a regular schedule of general treatments can ensure ongoing foot health, preventing pain and further complications.

At Podiatry First, our team can provide you with a unique treatment plan to solve your issues and prevent future complications, saving you from future pain and discomfort.

Podiatry First — toenail and foot callus treatment in Sydney you can trust

If you live in Sydney, foot callus treatment starts with Podiatry First. We’ll end painful, awkward and uncomfortable foot issues for good. Whether you need a general or targeted appointment, we’ll rejuvenate your feet in no time, with treatments including:

  • Cutting and filing of nails
  • Fixing minor ingrown nails
  • Removing corns and calluses
  • Sanding away dry skin
  • Foot massage
  • Identifying future problems
  • Advice on nail fungus
  • Treatment for warts

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