Dr Mo Ali (Podiatry)

Dr Mo Ali (Podiatry) is a leading Sydney Podiatrist with expertise focused on Sports Podiatry. Dr  Mo has joined Podiatry First with a vision to make it the leading Sports and General Podiatry practice in the Eastern Suburbs. Dr Mo Ali has years of experience as a University lecturer in Podiatry (Advanced Lower Limb Bio-mechanics and Orthotic Manufacturing) at the University of Newcastle, and a strong background in competitive athletics where he competed in the 100 metre sprint. This experience gave him the passion for, and experience in treating and healing sports related injuries as well as biomechanical alignment and orthotic therapy.Combined with years working in the health and fitness industry as an experienced Personal Fitness Trainer and rehabilitation specialist, these unique attributes allow him to assess and treat patients with many and varied conditions ranging from competitive sporting athletes to general foot ailments.