Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Banish Embarrassing Fungal Toenail Infections with Pioneering Cold Laser Treatment

Are you embarrassed about showing your feet in public? Do you avoid wearing sandals in warmer weather because you afraid of people seeing your toes?

The problem of Fungal toenail infection can worsen dramatically infecting all the toenails and can cause unsightly even painful nails. The good news is that we can help you in solving this condition now and help you have normal clean nails again! You will no longer be embarrassed to show your toes or wear sandals again.

PodiatryFirst are the leading experts in Cold Laser treatment for fungal nail infection in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction.

Cold laser treatment has been shown to produce far superior results when compared to primitive Hot laser treatment which can be extremely painful and only produces temporary results.

Podiatry First has been pioneering Cold Laser Therapy since its inception. We have developed our own program in association with Lunula and as a result we have been getting great results for our clients suffering from this condition.

Because of our expertise in this area and our success rate we have been chosen by Lunula International to be the training facility for cold laser therapy in Australia. Our expert Podiatrist are experts in their field with the training and skills to help you get long lasting results!

We use Lunula Cold Laser Exclusively at all our clinics.

  • Cold laser is a Revolutionary treatment for fungal nail infections
  • Lunula Laser is the most effective treatment for fungal toenails.
  • Results far exceed the success of “Hot Laser” which produces only temporary results
  • Improves the damaged appearance of the toenail
  • Upto 90% Success rate in clinical studies :  –

How it works

The Lunula low level Cold laser system is the Gold standard treatment for fungal infections of the nails. The Lunula Laser device produces two rotating laser beams which are able to cover a large area of the foot to completely treating all of the toes simultaneously.

The Lunula Laser System is unique in using a specific combination of 2 lasers to produce an immune effect within the body to treat Fungal infection. The laser types used are:

  • Blue (405nm), this acts directly and specifically upon the fungus and causes changes in its outer wall, this weakens it significantly, allowing the body’s immune system to attack and destroy it.
  • Red (635nm), is acting upon the body’s natural immune cells – fortifying them, thus making them more active and able to neutralise and destroy the weakened fungus. In addition the red light can stimulate and improve blood flow; this additional blood flow brings nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area speeding up the treatment process.

The treatment will last for 12 minutes and you will feel no sensation.

The treatment will be repeated at weekly intervals, the number of treatments depend upon the severity of your infection.

You do not have to take any oral medication or apply any topical agents during the treatment, however strict feet hygiene protocols must be adhered to in order to prevent re-infection.

Before and Afters

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