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“One of the biggest challenges to health is ACCESS TO ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS”

Here in Sydney we do not think about access to health professionals all that much. We are lucky because no matter where you are in Sydney, health professionals are everywhere.

In remote areas of the country things are not as easy. Podiatrists fly in and out of some remote locations or work in shifts with their months broken up into a week here and a week there. Our Sydney Podiatrists hear it from patients all the time, especially in our Podiatrists in Bondi Junction.

What about all those poor people that do not have access to Podiatrists, how do they get by…?”

Unfortunately this is a real issue, without access to Podiatrists there a people really suffering in rural Australia. In the NT you see people in their early 20’s having suffered amputations due to things easily preventable.

We take our hats off to those Podiatrists that dedicate their lives to flying to such remote areas to provide healthcare. In Sydney, and Podiatry First specifically, we have Podiatrists in the CBD and Bondi Junction that help monitor and maintain foot health every day. Although not travelling back and forth to remote areas, we are helping people remain active and healthy.

Maintaining foot health is super important and Sydney Podiatrists still have a very important job helping to keep our population healthy and play our part in keeping people on their feet. Things as simple as corns and callus can develop into really serious issues that can have a significant impact on lives! This is especially important for people that suffer from diabetes, reduce circulation and neuropathy!

“Without proper care and education, a simple kick of the toe or rub can result in ulceration and even amputation.”  

Corns and callus can develop into wounds and without proper care and education can results in serious issues. In Sydney, Podiatrists can be found with quite ease and people can even get appointments on the day they call. No one has to wait for people to arrive via air transport. Likewise we do not have to travel extreme distances to find help.

At Podiatry First we have clinics in both Sydney CBD and in Bondi Junction. Our Sydney CBD Podiatry clinic is easily found on Level 9, 88 Pitt Street. Right by Martin Place, so whether you are coming by train, bus, taxi or boat, access and location is easy to find. Likewise our Podiatry clinic in Bondi Junction is located in Westfield Tower 2, Level 18. Right opposite Bondi Junction train station. Whether you use public transport or come by car, parking and accessibility is easy!

When you get in the door you are greeted with a smile and even a cup of tea if you so wish. Pretty different from people in remote areas that need to be transported hours to access allied health care, or wait for the week their Podiatrist flies in.

So in saying all of this, we at Podiatry First, our Podiatrists in Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction take our hats off to those who do there best to provide health care to those in remote areas! And in the meantime we will be here to help you. Waiting with a warm cup of tea to help you stay on your feet pain free and keep you active.

When was your last visit?

If it has been a while since you have had your feet maintained or you are visiting Sydney from interstate or a rural location our Podiatrists are here to help you however they can.

If you would like to organise an appointment, feel free to CLICK HERE to be seen as soon as possible.

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