Why Did I Get Fungal Toenail Infection?

Why Did I Get Fungal Toenail Infection? 

Nail fungus can be picked up almost anywhere. It likes warm, moist places, and can get in through cracks in the nail or small cuts in the skin around or under your nail. People with diabetes, Athlete’s foot or simply run down are more susceptible to Fungal toenail infection.

What Can I Do About My Fungal Toenails?

These are the three most common treatments for fungal toenails:

  • Antifungal Topical Applications – these have to be applied frequently for a period of time.
  • Doctor Prescribed Oral Medication – not suitable for those with other health problems
  • Photodynamic or Laser Therapy – the easiest solution because you don’t have to keep applying topical treatments consequently for long period.


  • Once treated, it’s important to lower the risk of re-infection through sterilisation of clippers, shoes and socks.
  • Make sure you keep your feet clean and dry them carefully after washing.
  • Wear shoes made of materials that allow moisture to escape and clean socks for closed shoes.
  • Only use your own items for nail maintenance
  • And finally – don’t try to cover up a fungal nail with varnish to make it look better. It just makes things worse if you already have an infection!

How Can Your Podiatrist Help Fungal Toenails?

  • Let’s Confirm the Diagnosis First – There are other conditions that present in a similar way, so we’ll assess your nails to work out the best treatment options. At our practice, we recommend laser therapy above all.
  • How Long Will It Take? – Severity of fungal nail infection, your age and general health determines number of treatments required.

Before and after

Fungal toenails images of before and most importantly after using Cold Laser LuNula.


Let your Podiatrist or our reception team know if you have fungal toenail concerns

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