“How do I get rid of Corns and Callus?”


Corns and callus are something podiatrists help people with on a daily basis.

One of the most common questions we hear is “How does it happen?”

The answer is simple, corns and callus build up from pressure. When there is increased pressure in an area, the skin builds up there as a form of protection.

Imagine if you were walking around on hard surfaces all the time with no shoes on. You would need tough feet to deal with the harsh environment and to protect it from injury, right? Right. That is why callus develops; for protection. However, we don’t (well not often) go walking around on all these hard surfaces without shoes. We are constantly in shoes and shoes themselves can be the cause of pressure. Especially if you are starting to get a build-up of callus in a high-pressure area. The very presence of the callus reduces the space in the shoe causing even more pressure!

So, our answer is to remove the pressure. Sometimes this involves foot wear modification or replacement. More often than not though, it is as simple having one of our Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD podiatrists help to maintain appropriate foot health for you.

After an appointment with one of our highly skilled health professionals, your feet will be tidied and corns and callus free.

Additionally, there are long-term solutions to redistribute the pressure around your foot instead of having focal points thus reducing the frequency of recurrence.

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