SWIFT microwave – The new gold standard for eliminating warts

What is a plantar wart or verruca?

There are about 150 known strains of the virus, human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus infects the skin. Most common warts have a rough surface with an appearance of a ‘cauliflower’, typically found on hands or knees. A verruca is a local growth on the skins outer layer located anywhere on the sole of feet with a similar appearance to the common wart.

Swift Microwave Treatment

An exciting NEW technology developed in the UK, called Microwave therapy is now available at our clinic.

Microwaves have been in use for over 30 years and are very successful globally in the treatment of lung, liver, kidney and breast cancer.

The predictable and controlled power of microwaves quickly destroys all infected tissue to a pre-determined depth, leaving the body to absorb and replace the treated tissue.

With this method there is:

  • no need for acid
  • no need for freezing
  • no need for bandages
  • no need for anaesthetics


What is the recovery time and is it painful and?

It’s important to remember that with all verruca and wart treatment there may be some pain. But in the case of Swift Microwave Technology, it can be compared to an injection or slight sting and most importantly, to treat a verruca in this way is a much shorter process. Being a non-intrusive verruca treatment, there are little to no side effects involved in Swift. Patients can head back to work straight away and can even go swimming.

How often?

Treatments are normally spaced from four to six weeks.

This is to allow the immune system to work and the skin to regenerate.

It has been found that treatments closer together can bring benefit to the effectiveness of Swift, but this should be discussed with your Podiatrist.


If any of the following apply to you, speak to your Podiatrist before treatment –

Metal pins, plates or replacement joints in the foot or ankle

  • Pacemaker
  • Neuropathy or poor peripheral circulation
  • Poor or limited healing capacity
  • Immune suppression
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding. It is known that verruca’s and warts can increase in size during this period
  • Low pain threshold
  • Young children

How successful is it?

Compared with other more traditional wart treatments this revolutionary machine stands at a 86% success rate!

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